Get instant access to Michael Kostroff's Audition Psych 101

Busy working TV and stage actor Michael Kostroff de-terrorizes the audition process — from preparation to callback. This online video course, available to you anytime you need it, 24/7/365, is enhanced with live Monthly Checkups via Zoom.

Film and TV production is returning.

Be on top of your audition process when it does.

NOW is the time to learn from a busy, working actor how he conquered his audition issues and learned to love the process.

Thousands have actors have immersed themselves in Michael Kostroff's “Audition Psych 101,” the pro-level audition workshop he’s taught all over the US and Canada for more than a decade.

Now, for the first time, you can take Audition Psych 101 from home!

In 22 online video lessons, Michael works with a group of professional actors, combing through the psychological side of the audition process and banishing the illogical mental gremlins that make auditioning unnecessarily stressful, prone-to-failure, and no fun at all.

You'll learn:

Actors' most common misconceptions about casting directors

Michael’s personal “audition mantra”

The dos and don’ts of preparation

How to stop being nervous

How to manage self-doubt

How to handle rejection

Michael’s “golden rule of auditioning”

How to enjoy your self-taped auditions

...and much more!


Live Monthly Checkups with Michael Kostroff

Audition Psych 101 is an amazing, complete and supportive course, but the industry is constantly changing. Keep up to the minute as every month, you and your fellow actors meet with Michael online:

Get answers to questions about your current, specific audition challenges.

Learn the latest practices for both in-person and self-taped auditions.

Share victories and discoveries with your fellow Audition Psych 101 alumni.

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Attend ongoing live Monthly Checkups with Michael for just $27 per month, with your first three months included in the price of the class! (Cancel at any time.)

NOTE: In the checkout form below, you'll see "Then $27 monthly starting in 90 days." That is for these ongoing Monthly Checkouts, should you choose to continue with them, not for the course itself. You can cancel the $27/month at any time, but the Audition Psych 101 course will always be yours...forever.



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